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Colorado Springs, CO

The King’s University at Colorado Springs Teaching Site* is located at New Life Church in Colorado Springs where the 14,000 foot Pikes Peak and the majestic Rocky Mountains are visible from almost every part of the campus!  The “America the Beautiful City,” Colorado Springs was the inspiration for Katharine Lee Bates 19th century patriotic hymn and is regularly listed in ‘best places to live’ surveys.

New Life Church, pastored by Brady Boyd has hosted TKU for over a decade.  Dr. Hayford serves on the church’s Board of Overseers and is a frequent guest in the pulpit and on the TKU campus.  Classes are offered in both weekly and module formats and the faculty exhibit not just solid theological scholarship, but a passionate and compelling desire to see each student pursue God’s unique call in their life.

The partnership between TKU and the college intern program, DLA (Desperation Leadership Academy), which brings thousands of young people to the campus each summer, provides a dynamic learning model where practical ministry experience is linked to education.

*Teaching Sites/Extension Sites are locations away from the main campus at which the institution offers less than 50% of an educational program.  Students at this Teaching Site who wish to complete their programs are encouraged to speak with their Academic Advisor about transferring either into an Online degree program, or to one of our locations that offers full degrees (Southlake or Van Nuys). 

Dr. Steven Todd

Site Director

Dr. Joseph Winger


Professor Debra Bauers


Prof. Matthew Fallentine


Dr. Joe Kirkendall


Dr. Sam Rockwell


New Life Church, led by Pastor Brady Boyd, is committed to serve the people of Colorado Springs through Christ-centered ministries that both influence and impact our community. With both urban and suburban campuses, New Life is intentional in its vision to provide ministries that offer hope, restoration, and LIFE to our neighbors, while also focusing our attention on sending our leaders out beyond our borders to reach new communities by planting life giving local churches throughout the United States.

Our priorities are:

WORSHIP-declaring the reign of Christ and experiencing the presence of God

PRAYER-the engine of ministry at New Life whereby we participate in what God is doing on the earth

FAMILY-following Christ is a lifelong journey as the people of God

MISSIONS-every believer is invited into God’s mission of redeeming and restoring His world

To learn more about New Life Church visit us at


The King’s University Colorado Springs
11025 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Partner Church: New Life Church

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